DEVKI INTERIORS Solid Sheesham Wood Grand Poster Bed for Bedroom Living Room Home Double Bed Furniture (Hydrolic Lift Storage, King)


Price: ₹1,59,996 - ₹75,701.00
(as of Aug 30, 2023 00:17:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

What Makes Our Furniture Great!

Wood LogWood Log

Wood SeasoningWood Seasoning

Craftsmanship & MachineryCraftsmanship & Machinery

Quality Check & PackagingQuality Check & Packaging

Top Quality Solid Sheesham Wood

The quality of Wood makes the biggest difference in solid wood furniture. We are the biggest trader of wood logs and stock the finest quality of solid wood in the country.

We pick the best quality of solid Sheesham wood sourced from the legal govt. tendering across the country for our wooden furniture.

The use of top-quality Sheesham wood makes our furniture last for generations.

Proper Treatment & Seasoning

Wood without proper treatment can become vulnerable to termites and other similar insects. We have the largest in-house wood seasoning capacity in the region where we have the latest technologies to season the wood.

This process leaves no room for moisture content in the wood cells making it fully termites, borers, and pests resistant along with reducing the possibility of seasonal expansion or contraction of the products.

Skilled Craftsmen with Cutting Edge Machinery

We are carpenter by generation and we have a pool of highly skilled carpenter who are working with us for generations as well.

This combo of skills and technology makes a perfect pair for producing the finest wooden furniture.

Error Proof Quality Check

As a human we make mistakes and mistakes can become blunders if you don’t have a process to identify and rectify them. We have a process of thorough inspection and quality check at every step of furniture making starting from wood seasoning to packing and dispatch of the product.

With this, we ensure you get what you ordered in perfect shape to wow you.

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