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NUBE: Atmospheric Water Generator 8 gal/day – Alkaline + Ionized + Mineralized- Fluoride and Chlorine Free – Sustainable – Carbon + Osmosis Filter – UV – Cooler/Heater Dispenser – Dehumidifier (White)

Price: $1,900.00
(as of Apr 11,2023 17:27:57 UTC – Details)

The Future Is Here
Make 100% Pure, Safe and Healthy Drinking Water in your own home with NUBE, an atmospheric water generator that turns air into water for just $0.20 cents per gallon. No more additives like Chlorine, Fluoride or ground water contaminates.

Nube water goes through a revolutionized filter system that includes:

  • Activated Carbon
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • UV Sterilization

Stop buying bottled water and buy your Nube today!

  • Up to 30 liters per day
  • Great Water Quality
  • Balanced PH Levels
  • 100% oxygenated water
  • More Health Benefits

★ 100% HEALTY ★ — Alkaline, ionized, mineralized water, free of chlorine and fluoride
★ ECOLOGICAL AND SUSTAINABLE★ — Reduce pollution and help the planet. Begin your new lifestyle: 110 volts / 450 watts operation / 350 watts per liter produced.
★ GUARANTEED ★ — The easiest and most ecological way to produce your own water
★ Easy to Install ★ – Search for the video “Unboxing NUBE” on Youtube.


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